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More Testimonials

"Romulus knows the planets like an intimate friend.

He communicates with infinite simplicity and empathy.

A terrific astrologer, he’s done my chart and over half a dozen of my friends. I recommend him unreservedly!"

Claudine Zafran
French Tourism
Los Angeles

Filomena D'Amore


Patsy's Pizza

Los Angeles

"Romulus, your reading was intensely accurate. I'm completely blown away.

No one had ever said anything about my nonverbal connection with animals, 

yet you pinned it down. 

Thank you for opening my mind to this magical world of astrology!!!!”

James Preston

Model & Actor

Los Angeles

"Romulus interpreted my chart clearly

and demonstrated how it relates to someone I care about.

He takes a genuine interest in your difficulties and offers very helpful advice.

If you want an astrological reading, I highly recommend you have Romulus do it!"

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