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Personal Readings

Natal Chart Consulation

If you're new to Astrology, this consultation will provide a critical foundation to expand your self-knowledge.


Understand what the pattern of the planets at your birth means in terms of your interests, capabilities, challenges, and purpose.


Discover the long term themes in your life, and learn which paths will lead you to success and satisfaction in various areas of you life.   


(Plus what you can expect in the next 6 months)  $185


Relationship Consultation

This consultation analyzes the charts of 2 people to reveal what each partner seeks in relationship, and how well they'll satisfy each other's needs. It finds points of compatibility and attraction. Identifies areas of potential friction and ways to minimize it.


Using rules of traditional chart comparison and 20th century Composite Chart techniques, this consultation will show how you interact as a couple; and how the relationship exists as a unique entity.


Ideal for romantic partners and married couples, this consultation is also useful in family relationships, and for assessing potential business partnerships.   $195

Career Consultation

Career success and satisfaction depend on finding your element.  By aligning work with your life purpose, you transform a job into a passion. 

Whether you’re starting off or making a career change, this consultation will help you identify the interests, talents, and work environment your birth chart affirms will bring out your best.   $175

Upcoming Changes

This consultation assumes you know the basics of your natal chart. It helps you understand what's driving your present circumstances.


Like an important weather report, it helps you see the big picture.  By learning what lies ahead, you'll identify opportunities you can take advantage of, or if neceessary, how to batten down the hatches.


3-month detailed forecast of changing conditions,

or 1 year general forecast of major changes: $165

Your Individual Topics

If you have an individual question or topic you would like to discuss, please contact me for a quote.

Please provide the NAME, DATE, PLACE and TIME of BIRTH
for each  chart to be analyzed. 
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