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The 2018 MARS Retrograde

With the exception of the Sun and Moon, all the planets go retrograde from time to time. Retrograde means that from our perspective on Earth, they appear to “go backwards”. 


Where Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter through Pluto go retrograde every few months, Mars goes retrograde every 2 years. The photo on the right shows what Mars looks like during a typical retrograde period.


Mars is advancing forward through the zodiac. But because of the speed differences, and its closeness to Earth during a retrograde period, at one point it appears to “go backwards”.


From an astrological perspective, what matters is that "the red planet" will pass over the same 15 degrees of the zodiac THREE times!  


For more on what the Mars retrograde will mean, click the yellow button. 

MARS Retrogrades

June 26th to Aug 27th


9 Aquarius 13

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