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Mary Assimos

Owner, LA HAIR

London, UK


"Romulus has done natal, forecast, and relationship charts for me. Technically adept, he makes your reading simple to understand and easy to relate to.


A sweet and warm soul, Romulus has taken my love of astrology to the next level. I trust and recommend him wholeheartedly."


JK Schaffer


Cincinnati Bengals

"Romulus, I think you are doing exactly what you were called to do. You are excellent!


You have an extremely special place and role in this universe,

my friend."




Yasmin V.

California Attorney

UK Solicitor


"Romulus has provided me invaluable astrological guidance for over 20 years. In that time he has become a trusted advisor and friend. 


His warmth, coupled with deep knowledge of all aspects of astrology, make him my go to person whenever I'm launching a big venture, or need guidance on other matters. I recommend Romulus highly."

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